Hedge Trimming Narrabeen

Let us attend to your garden’s hedge trimming and pruning needs.

Careful and routine hedging, pruning, and trimming of your garden is vital to its up keep and includes roses, plants, shrubs, fruit trees, and small trees. This service also consists of the removal of smaller shrubs and trees. For large tasks, Northern Beaches Garden Care can schedule a tree specialist to undertake this job if needed.

The use of hedging plants appears to be a Sydney tradition, with a lot of homes possessing some type of formal or informal Hedge in place. Hedges can nicely frame a house or garden, offer privacy, and secure your garden from the weather. It then makes good sense that lots of homeowners appreciate the practice of hedge trimming and maintenance.

Northern Beaches Garden Care has a knowledgeable team who can assess and carry out all aspects of hedge cutting and formative pruning. We can even provide best practice recommendations on the most ideal time to prune and the optimal size and shape of your hedge. Not only are we highly experienced and competent in hedge maintenance and pruning plants, but we also approach each task with an artistic eye.

There is no question that hedges can play a substantial part in enhancing the visual aesthetics of your house. Having said that, it is necessary to understand that frequently trimmed and maintained garden hedges, as well as formative pruning, can turn out to be a labourious job – requiring a high degree of knowledge and attention to detail.

This is where Northern Beaches Garden Care comes in. We have the tools, the persistance, and the knowledge to give you with a range of hedge trimming and hedge pruning services in the Sydney area.