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Don’t have the time or energy to take care of your Garden? Prefer to kick back in your garden than work in it? 

We can help with your garden repairs and maintenance and give you back your weekends to appreciate as you please! 

Allow our garden care professionals care for it, so you can devote more time enjoying your outside area than working in it.

We pride ourselves on the experience of our gardening team and work carefully with our customers to develop a tailor-made upkeep plan to make sure that their gardens remain a wonderful part of their home all year ’round.

We can carry out all aspects of gardening maintenance, whether it’s a one-off garden clean-up, or routine lawn mowing, edging, fertilising, pruning or mulching service.

A garden can only be kept as stunning as intended by continual maintenance, and our team of specialist gardeners are proficient in all areas of garden maintenance to grow your landscape to its full potential.

The Garden Maintenance Pros offer thoroughly trained personnel, who can counsel you on all components of garden care, from plant choice, pruning, fertilisation, and mulching timetables, how to stimulate strong root systems, how frequently to water gardens, lawns and a wide range of plants, directions on plant feed, weeding and wetting agents best suited to each plant, tree and lawn type.

It is crucial that trees, flowers, and plants are not injured when fertilised or mulched. Similarly, caution should be taken to ensure garden lawns are not watered too frequently in different seasons as this can cause shallow root growth. Also, watering too regularly can weaken soil nutrients and change soil pH levels, decreasing the lushness of plants and lawns. Our fully trained Gardening team understands this, consequently far more, so don’t leave your gardening maintenance to just anyone.

What you may need, and how often, will differ depending upon your situation and your garden’s size and style, but, as a guide, we offer the following:

One-off tidy-ups.

Routine, ongoing management programmes.

Seasonal top-ups (eg, getting your garden all set for Spring or bedding it down for Winter).

Management programmes for smaller gardens.

One-Off Garden Services, Garden Renovations and Garden Cleanups

When your garden has become a bit untidy, the prospect of getting it looking great once again may be extremely intimidating. Often, you just will need to put your hands up and allow The Garden Maintenance Pros professionals deal with it for you.

We can come out any time you are in need of a service and it can be from 8 man-hours to a few days or more. We will quote you a fixed price and inform you of what we feel requires to be done, or it may be something specific like hedging, weeding, or pruning.

A Top Notch Garden Maintenance Service

Our Northern Beaches Garden Services staff will keep your residential or commercial property in good condition. Preserving and maintaining a garden and outside area is a recurring task. Your Garden is a living, growing and ever-changing area that requires to be continuously cared for.

A well-kept garden presents a terrific look and feel to any house and maximises the appeal of your residential or commercial property. 

We can design a garden service programme to meet your garden’s needs or simply offer a one-off appointment.

By having the best attention and necessary nutrition you can turn a just surviving garden into one that grows; encouraging your outside area to grow into its full potential.

To truly have your garden looking fabulous all year round, you may need to have somebody keeping an eye on it frequently. 

A one-off clean up produces an impression, however, if left for months a garden will quickly regress and become out of hand once again.

We commit ourselves in your garden just as if it were our very own, with a genuine passion for attaining results we can be pleased with. We operate with care and effectiveness to ensure you have a happy and healthy garden that you can appreciate throughout the year, without having to lift a finger. 

Our gardeners are friendly, approachable and attentive to your needs, making sure a very high level of trust and satisfaction when hiring us.

Maximise your garden by having it cared for by industry experts. At The Garden Maintenance Pros, we have been offering garden maintenance to the Northern Beaches and North Shore of Sydney for over years and currently give qualified garden care services to private homes, real estate agents, strata companies, councils and various schools.

Our team has a wide range of knowledge when it relates to caring for gardens and has a track record for delivering an informative and personal service.

A Top Quality Lawn Care Service


Looking for a one-off or regular lawn maintenance service? Look no more. The professionals at The Garden Maintenance Pros are dedicated to transforming and servicing your lawns – providing a reliable lawn cutting and lawn mowing service that results in an exquisite, healthy lawn.

Our objective is to supply great client service and top quality lawn care service. Since we have been operating for a long time now, we have built an excellent client base – working in tandem with each one to transcend their expectations.

Achieving and preserving a lavish, green lawn is a dream for a lot of Sydney-siders. Along with the many things that can go wrong with lawns that are caused by cutting the wrong way, it is no wonder that people resort to The Garden Maintenance Pros’ gardening services to manage their lawns. 

Of everything you can do for your lawn, mowing it the right way will make the greatest difference in terms of visual appeal and health. A terrific looking lawn is the product of a well-executed lawn care regimen.

An expertly cut lawn provides the very best possible finish when it comes to your lawn including professional edging the whole lawn area including around trees and other garden features.

The lawn in your backyard and front yard can go a long way in enhancing the total appearance of your home, not to mention that an appropriately and proportionately mown lawn looks peaceful and provides you contentment.

And this is what we are here for. We possess the attentiveness, the years of experience, and the technology to provide you with fast, reliable, and exceptional lawn maintenance services that are unrivalled by our competitors.

It is essential to realise that there are endless methods to take care of the lawn, nevertheless, it is likewise a cliché that in this fast-moving world, not too many people can take time out of their busy schedules and put in the time to take care of their lawns. The Garden Maintenance Pros can offer a workable and practical garden care and grass cutting programme so that you will not have to raise a finger to do anything.

Hedge Trimming, Pruning, and Maintenance

Let us take care of your garden’s hedge trimming and pruning needs.

Careful and regular hedging, pruning, and cutting of your garden is vital to its care and incorporates roses, plants, shrubs, fruit trees, and small trees. This service even involves the removal of small shrubs and trees. For large tasks, The Garden Maintenance Pros can schedule a tree professional to undertake this task if needed.

The use of hedging plants appears to be a Sydney tradition, with a lot of homes having some kind of formal or informal Hedge in place. Hedges can perfectly frame a house or garden, offer privacy, and protect your garden from the elements. It then makes sense that lots of home-owners appreciate the practice of hedge trimming and upkeep.

The Garden Maintenance Pros has a skilled team who can assess and take on all aspects of hedge cutting and formative pruning. We can likewise provide best-practice guidance on the best time to prune and the optimum shapes and size of your hedge.

There is doubt that hedges can play a significant part in improving the visual aesthetics of your house. However, it is very important to understand that often pruned and kept garden hedges, as well as formative pruning, can turn out to be a laborious job – needing a high degree of competence and attention to detail.

This is where The Garden Maintenance Pros comes in. We have the means, the persistence, and the proficiency to offer you with a selection of hedge cutting and hedge pruning services in the Sydney local area.

Soft landscaping 

When you aren’t in love with an an aspect of your garden anymore, or simply just elegant something different, you may wish to look at having it landscaped.

Soft landscaping is an efficient method of building the garden of your dreams without undertaking any major building modifications and thus significantly lowering the total costs of the project. Our knowledge and interest added to the gained experience result in terrific quality soft landscaping services that are precisely what you require for your garden.

When developing a soft landscape, we work with landscape elements that do not include building but still leave a lasting impact. We can completely transform your garden with our softscaping services. Projects can be finished in a shorter amount of time as well and are frequently more affordable.

Softscaping is a reasonably quick and affordable way of entirely changing your garden into a dream space. Using only trees, flowers, and other plants to transform the look of your garden, and it also shortens the period needed to finalise the job. It also makes it less complicated for a future modification of the garden as there would be no tough landscaping elements to get rid of, alter or relocate, which will likewise lower the costs of the restoration.

Soft landscaping features planting, mulching, turfing, and any soft gardening solutions from consultation through to conclusion.

The Garden Maintenance Pros has experienced gardeners that can quickly make your garden shine with our soft landscaping services. We can give your garden with the look you require and can, also, suggest types and types of plants that would thrive in the existing conditions.

Through years of practical experience in reimagining outside areas, we can work with you to make a breathtaking new garden from the ground up.

Frequently, all that’s required is a new lawn or an updated planting setup, connected an edging which suits the style and a choice of mulch which connects every single thing together. We can help interpret your intended look into a style that makes our shared vision a reality, then go about bringing this fantastic idea to life.

The Garden Maintenance Pros provides soft landscaping solutions (such as planting shrubs, trees and plants, and setting up the soil, grass and mulching) to go with your current hard landscaping (retaining walls or paving) environment.

So what are you waiting for?

If you would like to get a quotation for garden maintenance, simply telephone The Garden Maintenance Pros now on (02) 8488 8030 or book a service online at

Your garden will be expertly serviced and all green waste is removed, providing you more time to appreciate your perfectly maintained garden!

Keep in mind, we also provide more than just reliable garden services. Our professional services include entire lawn mowing, rubbish removal, tree, shrub, and hedge cutting and pruning and soft landscaping services.

Our garden maintenance services include:

Hedge cutting and pruning

Weed removal/prevention/management

Fertiliser applications


Lawn care consisting of mowing, edges, top dressing and fertilising

Planting of trees, plants, and flowers

Weeding planted areas

Leaf tidy up

Tree pruning

We Maintain All Types of Gardens:

Coastal gardens

Large well established homes

Rooftop gardens

Veranda gardens


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