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Don’t have the time or energy to take care of your Garden? Wouldn’t you rather take it easy in your garden than do work in it? 

We can assist with your garden maintenance and give you back your weekends to appreciate as you please! 

Allow our garden care staff care for it, so you can devote more time enjoying your garden space than working in it.

We pride ourselves on the know-how of our gardening team and work very closely with our clients to create a tailor-made maintenance plan to be certain that their gardens continue being a magnificent part of their home all year ’round.

We can undertake all areas of gardening maintenance, whether it’s a one-off garden clean-up, or regular lawn mowing, edging, fertilising, pruning or mulching service.

A garden can only be maintained as attractive as planned by ongoing maintenance, and our group of pro gardeners are competent in all areas of garden maintenance to grow your landscape to its full potential.

The Garden Maintenance Pros provide fully trained staff, who can advise you on all elements of garden care, from plant selection, pruning, fertilisation, and mulching schedules, how to promote strong root systems, how frequently to water gardens, lawns and various plants, directions on plant feed, weeding and wetting agents best suited to each plant, tree and lawn type.

It is essential that trees, flowers, and plants are not damaged when fertilised or mulched. Likewise, caution must be taken to make sure garden lawns are not watered too often in different seasons as this can develop shallow root growth. Furthermore, watering too regularly can degrade soil nutrients and change soil pH levels, lowering the lushness of plants and lawns. Our fully trained Gardening team understands this, and so a lot more, so do not leave your gardening service to just anybody.

What you may need, and how often, will vary depending on your circumstance and your garden’s size and style, but, as a guide, we provide the following:

One-off tidy ups.

Routine, on-going management programmes.

Seasonal top-ups (eg, getting your garden prepared for Spring or bedding it down for Winter).

Service plans for smaller gardens.

One-Off Garden Services, Garden Renovations and Garden Cleanups

When your garden has become a bit untidy, the prospect of getting it looking awesome again may be particularly daunting. Sometimes, you simply need to put your hands up and allow The Garden Maintenance Pros team deal with it for you.

We can come out any time you require a service and it can be from eight hours to a couple of days or more. We will quote you a fixed price and advise you of what we feel needs to be done, or it can be something specific like hedging, weeding, or pruning.

A Top Notch Garden Maintenance Service

Our Northern Beaches Garden Services team will keep your property in tip-top condition. Taking care of and caring for a garden and outside space is an ongoing job. Your Garden is a living, growing and ever-evolving area that really needs to be constantly cared for.

A well-kept garden offers a terrific appearance to any property and increases the appeal of your home. 

We can create a garden management programme to fit your garden’s needs or simply offer a one-off appointment.

With the right maintenance and necessary nourishment you can turn a just staying alive garden into a garden that grows; encouraging your outside space to grow into its full potentiality.

To really have your garden looking great all the time, you really need to have somebody watching on it regularly. 

A one-off clean-up creates an impact, but, if left for months a garden will soon deteriorate and end up being out of control once again.

We invest ourselves in your garden as if it were our very own, with an authentic passion for achieving results we can be pleased with. We operate with care and effectiveness to make sure you have a happy and healthy garden that you can take pleasure in throughout the year, without needing to lift a finger. 

Our gardeners are friendly, personable and attentive to your needs, ensuring a high level of trust and assurance when employing us.

Maximise your garden by having it managed by industry professionals. At The Garden Maintenance Pros, we have been providing garden maintenance to the Northern Beaches and North Shore of Sydney for over many years and presently offer professional garden care services to private properties, real estate representatives, strata companies, councils and numerous schools.

Our team has a wide range of understanding when it pertains to looking after gardens and has a track record for providing an informative and personalised service.

A Top Quality Lawn Care Service


Looking for a one-off or routine lawn maintenance service? Look no more. The team at The Garden Maintenance Pros are devoted to changing and taking care of your lawns – providing an experienced grass cutting and lawn mowing service that leads to a beautiful, healthy lawn.

Our purpose is to offer excellent customer support and premium lawn care service. Since we have been running for a long time now, we have created an outstanding customer base – working in tandem with each one to exceed their expectations.

Attaining and sustaining a luxurious, green lawn is a goal for many Sydney-siders. With the many factors that can go wrong with lawns that are brought on by mowing the wrong way, it is no surprise that people resort to The Garden Maintenance Pros’ gardening services to take care of their lawns. 

Of everything you can do for your lawn, mowing it the right way will make the biggest difference in terms of visual appeal and overall health. A terrific looking lawn is the product of a well-executed lawn care regimen.

A professionally cut lawn provides the very best possible surface when it comes to your lawn consisting of professional edging the entire lawn area including things like around trees and other garden features.

The grass in your backyard and front yard can go a long way in enhancing the overall look and feel of your home, not to mention that a neatly and proportionately trimmed lawn looks peaceful and offers you peace of mind.

And this is what we are here for. We have the attentiveness, the know-how, and the technology to provide you with fast, effective, and unique lawn maintenance services that are not matched by our competitors.

It is very important to know that there are unlimited strategies to take care of the grass, nevertheless, it is also a cliché that in this fast-moving world, few people can take time out of their very busy schedules and put in the time to take care of their lawns. The Garden Maintenance Pros can provide a workable and hassle-free garden care and grass cutting plan to ensure that you do not need to raise a finger to do anything.

Hedge Trimming, Pruning, and Maintenance

Let us care for your garden’s hedge cutting and pruning requirements.

Careful and regular hedging, pruning, and trimming of your garden is important to its maintenance and consists of roses, plants, shrubs, fruit trees, and small trees. This service even includes the removal of small shrubs and trees. For large jobs, The Garden Maintenance Pros can arrange for a tree professional to undertake this task if necessary.

The use of hedging plants appears to be a Sydney custom, with plenty of houses having some kind of formal or informal Hedge in place. Hedges can nicely frame a house or garden, give privacy, and safeguard your garden from the elements. It then makes sense that a lot of home-owners value the practice of hedge pruning and upkeep.

The Garden Maintenance Pros has a professional team who can examine and undertake all elements of hedge cutting and formative pruning. We can also offer best-practice advice on the very best time to prune and the ideal shapes and size of your hedge.

There is no question that hedges can play a considerable part in improving the visual aesthetic appeals of your house. However, it is important to understand that often pruned and kept garden hedges, in addition to formative pruning, can end up being a laborious job – needing a high degree of knowledge and attention to detail.

This is where The Garden Maintenance Pros comes in. We have the resources, the diligence, and the competence to deliver you with a range of hedge cutting and hedge pruning services in the Sydney area.

Soft landscaping 

When you aren’t in love with an aspect of your garden anymore, or just fancy something a little different, you might wish to think of having it landscaped.

Soft landscaping is an effective method of creating the garden of your dreams without undertaking any serious building changes and thus lowering the overall costs of the project. Our knowledge and enthusiasm contributed to the gained experience result in great quality soft landscaping services that are precisely what you require for your garden.

When creating a soft landscape, we work with landscape aspects that do not include building and construction however still leave a long-lasting impact. We can totally change your garden with our softscaping solutions. Projects can be finished in a much shorter time frame as well and are frequently more affordable.

Softscaping is a relatively fast and cost-effective way of totally transforming your garden into a dream area. Utilising only trees, flowers, and other plants to transform the look of your garden, and it likewise shortens the period required to settle the job. It likewise makes it easier for a future change of the garden as there would be no hard landscaping components to remove, alter or relocate, which will also decrease the expenses of the renovation.

Soft landscaping normally includes planting, mulching, turfing, and any soft gardening solutions from assessment through to conclusion.

The Garden Maintenance Pros has experienced gardeners that can effortlessly make your garden shine with our soft landscaping services. We can give your garden with the look you require and can, also, propose types and varieties of plants that would thrive in the existing conditions.

Through years of practical experience in reimagining external spaces, we can work with you to make a gorgeous brand-new garden from the ground up.

Often, all that’s wanted is a fresh lawn or a new planting setup, connected an edging which fits the theme and an option of mulch which connects every little thing together. We can help translate your preferred look into a design that makes our mutual vision a reality, then go about bringing this interesting idea to life.

The Garden Maintenance Pros delivers soft landscaping services (for instance planting shrubs, trees and plants, and installing the soil, turf and mulching) to suit your present hard landscaping (retaining walls or paving) setting.

So what are you waiting for?

If you wish to get a quotation for garden maintenance, simply phone us on now on (02) 8488 8030 or book a service online at northernbeachesgardencare.com.au

Your garden will be skillfully looked after and all green waste is taken away, providing you more time to appreciate your perfectly cared for garden!

Keep in mind, we also offer more than just expert garden services. Our professional services include entire lawn mowing, waste removal, tree, shrub, and hedge trimming and pruning and soft landscaping services.

Our garden maintenance services include:

Hedge cutting and pruning

Weed removal/prevention/management

Fertiliser applications


Lawn care including mowing, edges, top dressing and fertilising

Planting of trees, plants, and flowers

Weeding planted areas

Leaf clean up

Tree pruning

We Maintain All Types of Gardens:

Coastal gardens

Large well established homes

Rooftop gardens

Balcony gardens


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