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A pile of moist mulch around the base of a newly planted treeThe core of any garden maintenance schedule is the addition of mulch, which can be very beneficial for your home or business property. Mulching Service is the secret of an easy-care garden as it promotes moisture conservation, a generally healthier plant and soil state and longer lifespan.

What Is Mulching?

Mulch is a bi-product of the waste sourced from barks, branches and other materials. It is somewhat nature’s way to recycle dead trees, decaying leaves or compost into the earth.

Using mulch is one of the best treatments designed for your garden’s utmost protection. The proven effective form of weed control involves layering organic, inorganic or synthetic material in the plant surroundings, or over the soil in flower beds and lines of shrubs.

Organic mulch is better because it adds nutrients to the soil once the material decomposes and breaks down, thus continually improving soil health, though it would have to be replaced more often than synthetic mulches.

Types of Mulch

  • Bark, chipped or shredded
  • Cocoa hulls
  • Chips
  • Composted Manure
  • Grass clippings
  • Landscape Fabric
  • Newspaper
  • Shredded Leaves
  • Stones or Gravel
  • Straw and Salt Hay
  • Wood shavings

Do You Need Mulch On Your Property?

A mulch garden with plants interspersedDeciding whether your residential or commercial landscaping needs mulch can be difficult. Next comes determining the best material and sufficient amounts to use, and the right time to apply the mulch. All these are dependent on your property type and region unique to your garden.

Mulch measurements can sure be tricky for the average gardener. Too little, and you may lose garden moderations to maintain through the drought. Mulching too early or too late can slow down the warming process.

A professional mulching service company’s expert gardeners can accurately assess your lawn and ensure a consistent approach year-round. Whether you are looking to address specific weed-prone areas or require mulch as part of your total lawn care, the task will be completed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

The Benefits of Mulching

Mulch is laid on the top plant soil to inhibit weeds from growing, prevent diseases, improve soil nutrition or fertility, and maintain moderate temperatures as the seasons change.

Mulch is highly-effective in retaining water and moisture, even amidst drastic changes in temperatures. It can help keep your your garden soil cool in summer and insulated during wintertime.

Mulch protects plants against weather conditions such as heavy winds and its damaging effects, and minimises compaction during the rainy season. Mulching involves spreading the material around a tree or plant to act as a protective layer against external elements.

Mulch encourages rigorous, healthy growth of trees and plants towards an attractive landscape appearance and enhanced curb appeal. It can also be used to create pathways through the garden, which is particularly useful in places that have a wet soil.

A great example of mulch being spread under the treesHigh-Quality Mulching Service

We take great pride in providing safe, organised, and eco-friendly mulching services to properties where we offer garden maintenance services. Expertise and experience combined, our skilled gardeners can perform both seasonal and routine mulching to deliver you with the perfect garden. Contact us today and break-free from tedious garden duties. Make a great investment for a healthy, beautiful, season-ready landscape!

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