Northern Beaches Hedge Trimming & Pruning Services

A gardener trimming a hedge with a petrol hedgerWell-maintained, neatly trimmed hedges and shrubbery greatly enhance a garden’s curb appeal. Hedge trimming produces the perfect finishing touch to a landscape. The beautifully-designed garden accents are more than stunning centre pieces, but hold certain useful features to the benefit of property owners.

Advantages of Trimming Your Gardens Hedges

Hedges are a good alternative to fences which function as low barriers or boundary markers to separate areas without the need for structural walls. Strategically placed, a hedge offers cooling during summer months, much-needed privacy, and the prickly ones strengthen security against intruders. A hedge can become a shelter and food source of wildlife like birds, while deterring the harmful and unwanted kinds of animals.

An archway being cut into a hedgeNo wonder, most expert landscape gardeners consider hedges as part of their landscaping project for homes and businesses. Managing your hedge is vital to the success of your lawn and garden. The trouble with hedging plants is that most species grow non-stop, year-round and across all seasons! So don’t let those hedges get out of hand- overgrown, rough and untidy.

Hedge trimming services ensure beauty and functionality through proper maintenance and contemporary techniques. It’s pretty amazing how an outdoor space undergoes a lovely transformation after hedge cutting! Regularly trimmed hedges are generally healthier and last longer as the plant is exhibits optimal growth to its fullest capacity. New hedges must be pruned at an early stage to establish the ideal shape, prevent legginess and unhealthy plant growth. Old hedges can be rejuvenated while disproportionate, neglected hedges can be restored to a manageable size.

Why Hire Professional Hedge Cutters?

Trimming a hedge with hedge clippersKeeping your shrubs trimmed and in top condition is a big challenge. Taming unruly hedges and maintaining large areas can take hours of tedious work, with back and neck pain to make it worse. Seasonal changes affect growth patterns. The amount you have to prune back depends on the type of plant, with the entire process producing an awful lot of waste.

There are various types of hedging in different neighborhoods, ie. evergreen, flowering, coastal, golden, and edible hedges arriving in low, medium and tall sizes with each its own specific needs. Common species include Beech, Berberis, Blackthorn, Box, Cherry Laurel, Hawthorn, Holly, Hornbeam, Leylandii, Privet, and Yew.

Some hedges require more frequent pruning and close observation to ensure healthy plant growth. Hedge cutting is best performed at least once a year, or twice as the species requires. It can be scheduled as often as you need to keep your hedges at its healthiest and most beautiful condition, no matter what time of year.

Expertise and experience, along with the use of the right tools of the trade, allows professionals to perform an excellent job of trimming. No hedge is too tall or too small for the pros who’ve tended residential gardens to large-scale commercial landscaping projects. Pavements and driveways will be swept, and wastes environmentally and responsibly disposed of.

Give your hedges, shrubs and bushes the care and attention it deserves. Call us today on (02) 8488 8080 for a worry-free hedge trimming service from start to finish!

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