DIY Gardening Tips and Tricks

These days when a lot of people are getting into gardening, whether it’s a colourful place full of flowers or a veggie patch, it’s good to learn a few tips and tricks along the way.

This article will give you some great advice to get you started.

How to create a beautiful garden at your home

Today, we live in a truly interesting era where technology takes over the key role in our lives. Consequently, our tie to nature is weakening now when we need it to be the strongest for several reasons. First, with all the glass, steel and concrete that dominate urban landscapes, one cannot find a hint of shade anywhere. Second, with all the junk food and GMO out there, being able to grow your own food has become a highly valued skill. With this in mind, here are some DIY gardening tips and tricks that might just come in handy.

Most ecologists would agree that plastic (being extremely slowly degradable) is one of the major problems for our environment. However, it can be the right solution if we put enough mind into it.For example, all you need to do to make your own tiny greenhouses is cut off the bottom of the milk jug or a plastic bottle and place it on the seedling you want to protect. In this way, you will keep the plant from harm on colder days, but you should remove this barrier when the plant no longer needs it.

Seeing how you should definitely cut down on artificial fertilisers, it might be a good idea to start making your own compost. In this compost, you can literally put any food leftover, except (perhaps) the meat and dairy. Breadcrumbs, fruit scraps, fish bones and even empty egg shells can be used here. All you will need now is a container to put it all in. Old dish pans, soft drink cans and even diapers have proven to be quite well versed to this task. All in all, your only limitation is your own imagination.

Depending on your local climate, you might not have enough rain to satisfy the needs of your garden soil. In this situation, a lot of people spend a fortune trying to buy an expensive irrigation system, while truly resourceful people just make it on their own. For one of these methods, all you will need is a quality hose of adequate length. What you should do is stretch it alongside your plants and poke a tiny hole every four or five inches. Next, you should turn your water valve to minimum, after all you want it to drip a bit and not to drown your garden. There you have it, your own inexpensive DIY irrigation system.

Additionally, while there are some things you can make on your own, some of the proper gardening equipment will be indispensable. Scissors, welders, a soil knife, rakes and a shovel are all essential gear without which you shouldn’t even think about trying your hand in gardening. On the other hand, this is not all you will need, since finding an adequate garden sprayer can be equally important. Sure, you should always try to reduce the amount of pesticides to minimum, but sometimes you simply won’t have a choice. Fungicides, herbicides and pesticides are often a necessary evil, and you will need a sprayer which can safely handle them.

As you can see, the cost of having a well-organized and fertile garden is not one you pay in money, but in time and patience. The price of even the most quality of equipment is the one you pay only once, while all these other ideas require more work than financial investment. With the right amount of research and willingness to get your hands dirty, you will soon be able to brag with the neatest, most beautiful garden in the neighbourhood. This alone makes it totally worth it.

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