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A fruit tree being pruned with a hand saw

People love gardens! Think of the gorgeous landscaping, fresh air, lovely scents, fun parties and summer BBQs. The sense of contentment it brings is priceless.

Is your garden not as great and abundant as it used to be? Perhaps your shed lacks the resources and equipment to care for your lawn, or you’re living a hectic day-to-day schedule whereas time oftentimes outruns you. Our garden maintenance on the Northern Beaches of Sydney is the ultimate solution!

Here’s everything you need to know towards a guided decision of hiring professionals not only to maintain your garden but deliver perfection and unleash its full potential.

The Importance of Garden Care

All your hard work, efforts, time and money invested into planting your garden makes proper upkeep quite essential. In an urban setting, a well cared for garden creates a haven right in your own abode, providing an escape from the hustle and bustle, and humdrum of life.

In larger, commercial gardens, the vast open spaces serve as relaxing rest areas and recreation venues. Caring for your garden ensures this piece of nature flourishes with lush greenery, colourful flowers in bloom, and thrives during any season.

Should I Use Garden Maintenance Services?

Gardening entails a lot of patience, an eye for precision, and hours of manual labor. With today’s fast-paced lifestyles and increasingly busy times, it’s not easy to devote the attention your garden requires. Many homeowners and proprietors are unable to give their gardens tender loving care as much as they want.

Professional gardening services make life easier! Save yourself from all the trouble and added stress. Save invaluable time you can spend with loved ones, or in dealing with more important business matters. All the while, your garden receives optimal care periodically throughout the year. In light of these things, using a local professional gardener to do all the gardening jobs around your property is not an expense, rather an investment.

On the other hand, you might be one of those people who enjoy doing their own gardening and can freely allot time for lawn care. In cases where your garden gets neglected unintentionally in any way, you can hire garden care services for a one-off tidy just to get it back to a manageable state.

How Often Would I Need A Garden Care Service?

Every garden is different, so a garden care service will depend on several factors:

Garden Style: How much works need to be done depends on the style of your garden. A contemporary garden that has a few shrubs will only require pruning and tidy every couple of months. A more traditional style with lots of flowerbeds can quickly look overgrown, and would often require weekly garden care to maintain its beauty.

Seasons: Different levels of maintenance applies to each season. There’s typically more weeding, mowing and trimming in the spring. Constant watering must be done along with fertilising during summertime. Less attention is needed during winter months.

How Maintaining Your Garden Benefits Every Property Owner

Best Care for Your Plants
Gardening seems pretty simple but is actually more complex than what many people think. Northern Beaches Garden Care send out expert gardeners with extensive background knowledge and experience, having studied thousands of species and different techniques for garden care. They are much like garden doctors who offer advice on the types of flowers and plants that will thrive in the particular soil and region when to feed fertiliser, water, and prune, diagnose and treat plant diseases.

  1. Use of the Right Equipment
    Utilising the right gardening tools and equipment, and top-quality gardening products play a crucial role in how your garden turns out. It mostly depends on the existing plants and trees in your garden. The big machines include the lawn mower, leaf blower, and fertiliser spreader. Smaller tools include the garden rake, string trimmer, hand trowel and pruner. Purchasing this equipment and learning how to use it would only take up huge space in your storage, cost you more time and money.
  2. Flexible Enough to Fit Your Schedule
    Demands from work, household chores, looking after kids make it almost impossible for some people to single-handedly care for their gardens. Hiring a garden maintenance company presents a financially prudent decision that will efficiently carry on the task in less time. Routine upkeep will be performed with consistency. Bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, and customised maintenance options across the entire year promote flexibility.
  3. Aesthetics and Added Value
    Garden maintenance services will not only help you create an impressive outdoor space, but a perfect garden adds to the overall value of your property. A garden kept under control exhibits the beauty of nature at its finest!
  4. Save Resources, Save the Earth
    Possessing the know-how on installing proper irrigation, garden maintenance companies can help you save water and reduce energy bills. Cleaning your irrigation system at least twice per year contributes to better water quality and healthier plant growth. Sprinkler systems disperse the right amounts of water with the least wastage. Drip lines are also an economical choice for watering plants. Expert gardening services can help determine what’s right and best for your garden.

Our Top-Notch Gardening Services

Maintaining a garden requires experience and knowledge beyond the basics, for it will only truly flourish with the love of plants and passion for gardening. We offer a wide range of worry-free garden care services that come with stellar customer satisfaction, including:

A great example of what a good landscape gardener can doLandscape Gardeners
Hiring a pro for landscaping is a smart way to manifest your idea of a beautiful outdoor space, redesign and restore a dull garden to life! Whether you’ve imagined spacious greenery or a more elaborate, intricately detailed design, you are certain to get the look and performance you want that will be the envy of neighbours.

A good local lawn mowing service will keep your lawn looking greatLawn Mowing Service
Knowing how to properly mow is one of the most important practices for a healthy garden, but you don’t have to do it under the hot sun! Professional year-round mowing will keep your lawn looking fresh and neat with an even, carpet-like surface.

A good quality mulch will keep your garden healthyGarden Mulching Service
What’s the key to an easy-care garden? It’s the addition of environment-friendly mulch for water retention, enhanced soil health, and longer lifespan. A healthy soil is fed by a good mulch. Mulching also plays an important role in keeping the number of weeds down to a minimum.

A garden hedge can add definition as well as privacy to your gardenHedge Trimming Service
Nothing accentuates a well-finished garden than nicely manicured hedges and shrubs. We can do a one-off reduction in size, perform regular trimming, and mold your hedge into a uniform shape.

Come to us for professional and affordable, customised garden maintenance services tailored to suit your specific garden needs and budget! Give us a call on (02) 8488 8080 and our friendly customer service staff will be happy to answer your queries.

Hedge Trimming